WONDER LAND : OneVia Car Modify Wonder : Saitama Soul Day & Night

Nissan s13 Shown in a pure Raw NO OPTIONS - Just Front/Rear bumpers/SideSkirt Car Modify Wonder body kit . With over 40 OPTION parts and variations! --READ ON

After much talks with Car Modify Wonders owner Haruyama-san , it was time to show Customers outside World Wide what is Saitama Soul.
Saitama is a city located somewhat up north of Tokyo.

Car modify Wonder is one of Japans Top and oldest Body kit in-house made products with PURE street drift style in mind.

The owner has purely wanted to make your S-chassis the best dam S-chassis around . With being the ONLY manufacture that sells 1 model body called GLARE , their is a LARGE production of OPTION parts found on the website

Instead of buying a whole new body kit and repainting and so forth he decided " Well Drifters compared to Circuit Grip drivers are generally looking to save money by the tons"
With that said OVER 40 Variations and option parts are Made in Japan are available on the website .

We are Car Modify Wonder International Distibution : Factory Trained installers and Knowledgeable staff with a pure obsession of CMW products. Dealers and other Distributors welcomed!

email us! SSworxs@gmail.com
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