Why Dropshipping does NOT work for most | How to make money Dropshipping

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Hi team,

I want to get right to the point and explain how to make money online dropshipping by explaining why MOST fail with dropshipping.

Dropshipping has a LOT of moving parts and I think there are a few reasons most people fail with dropshipping but there is ONE main reason most people fail with dropshipping that is the BIGGEST factor to someones success.

To make money online with dropshipping you need to focus on WHAT you need to be focusing on.

In my 0-100K Case Study (see link above) I organised the Case Study into different sections and I did this for a reason...

There is a specific SYSTEM you need to follow to make money with dropshipping and it is as follows

- PRODUCT RESEARCH: find a product that gets you sales and some profit
- SCALING OUT: Find new audiences and Ad Sets in Facebook that are profitable
- SCALING UP: Take those new audiences and Ad Sets that are profitable and give them LARGE daily budgets so you are spending more in the audiences that are giving you profit
- BACKEND / AUTOMATION: Set up email marketing and backend systems to increase your profits, build your brand, and get your customers to buy a second, third, fourth and MORE times.

Now, why most fail with their dropshipping stores is that they DO THIS IN THE WRONG ORDER and they get..


Don't focus on SCALING UP strategies if you don't have a product that is getting you sales. Just focus on product research and master that and get a product!

When you have that, then learn about facebook ads and SCALING OUT strategies (I cover this in my paid case study - see above) to find new audiences.

By only focusing on what you need to focus on (the next step) you simplify the process, only spend time and energy on what you NEED to be focusing on, and you prevent...


BURNOUT is massive - you don't want to run out of energy (or money) before you become profitable as you've exerted these two things before you needed to.

FOCUS! Focus on only what you need to be doing. That is how you make money with dropshipping.

And that's why most fail with dropshipping. They overcomplicate it all. They research email marketing before they've even built their store!

I hope this helps - again, this is better covered in this video on how to make money dropshipping. Don't be like the others - now you know why dropshipping does not work (for most) and how to avoid it.

Speak soon,
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