Bisimoto Pulse Chamber Install on 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera

Today I'm super excited to install the Pulse Chamber Exhaust from Bisimoto.

Bisi designed this exhaust specifically to minimize droning while maximizing air flow and thus horsepower. The result is a deep throaty exhaust note with a documented 11-17 hp gain and over 15 lbs of weight saving versus the OEM muffler.

We did some flybys with the stock exhaust and the new exhaust both in raw form and with the optional sound arrestor.

After driving with this setup for more than a week I can confirm there is definitely more power and zero droning even at highway speeds. It's even more exciting to drive my 911 now than before.

I highly recommend the Pulse Chamber (especially with the optional sound arrestor if you live in a dense area)

Find out more http://bisimoto.com/store/

Also, check out my podcast with Bisi Ezerioha who designed the exhaust. https://flatsixpodcast.com/2017/04/22/episode-3-with-bisimoto/
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